IIT Health Policy

Health Policy

We care for your health and safety, still valuing choice and freedom. We have done our best to form a strong, clear, and inclusive health policy.Â

A short summary of our IIT health and safety considerations is as follows:

Before arrival
Please take care of your health using practices that support you. We invite you to avoid risks for infections – you may do this by avoiding large groups of people, or other strategies. Please take into consideration your personal comfort level as you select accommodation between single (no roommate) and double (you will share the room with a roommate).Â

You can get more information by sending a request to our email address (slovenia-iit-2024-organizer@cnvc.org), though it may take up to a couple of days to receive an answer.

On arrival
Rapid tests for SARS-CoV-2 will be available on request for payment. All local information will be available through venue staff and organizers.

During your stay
We will enable and do our best for you to be able to stay in, as a closed IIT participants group as much as possible, so we provided separate seminar rooms, and spacious private rooms as well some activities may be arranged outdoors. We invite you to limit physical interaction with all non-participants and to keep safe distances or use protective elements as masks during the event, if you would like to. We will do our best to ensure the safety of the whole group. You will receive further instructions on arrival and during the event.

IIT Cancellation Policy

Cancellation policy for tuition costs

A. If we cancel:

You will receive a 100% refund of all tuition and/or room and board payments (alternatively, if you wish, you can apply your money to another CNVC intensive training within the next two years).

B. If you cancel:

  • by 19 March 2024 (31 days before the IIT start date) you have two options:
    1. Transfer 100% of your payment to a future CNVC intensive training within the next two years (starting the date you canceled); or
    2. Receive a refund on tuition fee minus a nonrefundable 10% cancellation fee
  • between 20 March – 14 April 2024 (between 30 days and 4 days before the start date) you have two options:
    1. Transfer 75% of your tuition payment to a future CNVC intensive training within the next two years (starting the date you canceled) – we retain 25%; or
    2. Receive a 50% refund of your tuition (we retain 50%).
  • Beginning 3 days before the IIT start date, no refunds and transfers are available.

Cancellation policy for accommodation costs

  • Until 14 February 2024 we will refund the full payment minus the deposit (the deposit of €200/per person will not be refunded and will be charged as reservation and organisational costs)
  • After 15 February 2024 no refunds are possible
  • At any time you can offer your booked accommodation to another participant or to a different person without any cost, but please let us know if you decide to do this.

If you face healthchallenges during the IIT:

  • No tuition or accommodation refund is possible
  • Some sessions may be available online on request, so you may be able to participate from your room. If you have a roommate, we may reassign the roommate to other accommodations (some extra costs may apply).

Please consider getting health and/or cancellation insurance if you would like more safety and flexibility.

Note: Any refunds that are due will be issued within two weeks after you cancel.

IIT Financial Assistance

We realize that life situations make it difficult for some people to raise enough funds to participate in one of our intensive trainings. If this is the case for you, we strongly encourage that you to ask for financial assistance and we will do our best to support you being able to participate in this IIT.

Since money can be a loaded topic in our world, asking for financial support can be challenging and uncomfortable for many people. If you are inspired to attend an IIT, we invite you to join us in a mutual process to explore possibilities.

After applying any available discounts, if you are not able to afford the tuition you can request financial assistance to further reduce your tuition fee. (Note: We do not offer assistance for room and board, which is a direct expense for the venue). We have a limited amount of financial assistance available and we prioritize people who meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • is actively collaborating with others in the NVC network
  • can use what they learn in this workshop to make an impact in fields such as education, government, environmental sustainability, equity and inclusion, or with an NGO or community-based organization
  • is from a region that has fewer in-person NVC workshops
  • is part of an economic system that offers less access to financial resources
  • comes from a disadvantaged group (race, ethnicity, origin, religion, gender identity, class)
  • is willing to search for other sources of financial support such as their workplace, family, or organizations they are involved in (in order to be in partnership with us about finding the resources to host this training while including as many people as possible)

Instructions for how to request financial assistance will be provided after you submit the IIT pre-registration form.

IIT Agreements

We are happy that you will participate in a 9-day nonviolent communication training – the International Intensive Training (IIT), sponsored by the Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC).

In order to create an environment that is supportive and that offers predictability — and supports you in making choices for your wellbeing — we ask you to make a series of agreements.

1. If I complete this training, I will receive a Certificate of Completion, which is different from being authorized or certified as an official trainer of the CNVC. If I share NVC, I agree to present myself as a student, supporter, or candidate for certification (if I am a registered candidate for certification) rather than as a CNVC Certified Trainer. Also, I agree to follow the “Guidelines for Sharing NVC for Individuals who are not Certified Trainers.”

2. All materials that I will receive are the property of the trainers who created them. I agree to use these materials only for my personal use — and refrain from copying or sharing with others — unless I receive explicit consent from the creators.

3. I understand that while this training might be healing and therapeutic in nature, it is not a substitute for mental health therapy or psychiatric care.

4. I am responsible for my own behavior the entire time I participate in this event. I understand that some activities could be mentally and emotionally challenging. My level of participation in the activities is entirely my choice, and I can modify or end my participation at any time.

5. I agree to follow all current regulations related to Covid practices as defined by the country or municipality in which the IIT is occurring.

6. If I contract an illness from a virus or other pathogen during this training, I am responsible for the costs of medical care and any other related costs, such as changing travel arrangements. I will exercise consideration for others when it comes to contagious illnesses and reach out to an organizer to decide on any actions.

7. Since the program is a closed event and only registered participants are allowed to participate in the sessions, I agree not to bring or invite to the sessions anyone who is not registered. If there are areas or spaces designated for participants of this event, like conference areas or dining areas, I agree not to bring or invite anyone who is not a registered participant to these spaces.

8. I will refrain from making my own audio or video recordings unless the leaders of the training establish a policy and set of conditions for recordings that is announced during the training.

9. I will refrain from taking photographs of other people who are part of this training unless I ask for and receive explicit permission from each person before I take the photos.

Note: Approximately 10 days before the start of the training, we will email you these agreements and ask you to sign them online.



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